20 years in entrepreneurship

February 20, 2016
Mr. Alphonso Barnum is an experienced business man. He has practiced entrepreneurship for more than two decades, therefore, is knowledgeable in matters concerning business. He understands that there is a strong association between entrepreneurship engagement and personal wealth. For instance, in the US entrepreneurs are less than 9% of the households, however, they command almost 40% of net worth. That happens because credit constraints present a critical hindrance to entry for the individuals that cannot easily access capital. Experts challenge the extent constraints to become an impediment to entrepreneurship particularly in strong economies where firms or persons have adequate capital.

He is a servant of God and has held very many spiritual high posts in his life. Mr. Alphonso Barnum accepted Christianity in 1998 and joined ushering ministries at that church. He derives a lot of pleasure serving God. He was made the President of the Ushers almost immediately he entered ushering due to his attentiveness and commitment.  Alphonso founded his ministries called End Times Praise in 2000. He was present at the International Fellowship family Worship Center in 2002 and attained his status of Minister of God after finalizing his education. He has continued in the service of the Lord through spreading the good news to communities. Apart from preaching the word to the communities, he is one leader who gives back to the community in various ways including helping them.
Over the years, Alphonso Barnum‘s commitment to service to the Lord has only strengthened. He is still a born-again believer who has started a number of different ministries throughout his community. He is an ordained minister who fully believes in the principle of One God, One Faith, One Baptism.